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It's Time!
WARD 1 needs   
      Ian Sinclair . . .

It's Time ...     to support our village based communities !

      Ian is familiar with, and committed to the representational needs of the communities and hamlets, urban and rural, old and new, ALL across Caledon but especially in Ward 1 where he lives. He knows the history of Caledon and has an unparalleled vision for our future. He is dedicated to respecting the unique character and needs of each of our diverse communities.

With capable, qualified, highly experienced, and most importantly, representative leadership, Ward 1 can become a well-planned community of green, clean, safe and friendly villages and rural areas ... a community respectful of our natural and cultural heritage.

    With your support for Ian, Caledon will become a healthy and stable community that establishes well planned and designed settlements that develop at a rate that ensures sufficient infrastructure and services, supports thriving business and agricultural operations, protects the environment,and maintains what is positive and unique about Caledon. 

YOU can help Ian achieve these objectives. Please
get involved in positive change.

What qualifies Ian to be your best choice for Regional Councillor? Read on for his
unmatched record of achievements....


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It's Time ...
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