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It's Time!
WARD 1 needs     
Ian Sinclair . . .
"Let me REPRESENT you."


Municipal politics isn’t a carnival. It’s too important to neglect. It affects us where we live. When not done right it has serious impacts on our health, safety, and economic well-being. Out-of-control taxes can devastate our pocketbooks - it’s not their money they’re spending, it’s yours. Bottom line – it’s time to take a hard look at how your council has been managed and take back control of our town and our elected representatives.

It’s Time … for Caledon to become the place where:

* Your elected officials will possess an attitude that they are there to pro-actively seek out your views and truly represent the interests of those who have hired them.

* Your representative will work effectively in collaboration with Town and Regional administrations to produce the results expected by the citizens and businesses who invest their lives and resources in Ward 1.

* Council decisions will be made in a transparent manner, with more opportunities for input from citizens, not less.

* Major Ward 1 land use decisions will be the result of open and comprehensive consultation with our communities, not just favored insiders and lobbyists.

* Your town council will be eager to answer questions from the community rather than avoid and evade. I will work to eliminate hide and seek politics.

* I will promote a clearly articulated vision for Ward 1 that is respected and supported by our residents, contributing to building a Caledon that is recognized as a leading example among progressive municipalities.


    It’s time … to CHOOSE EXPERIENCE

       It’s time … to CHOOSE KNOWLEDGE

It’s time … to put IAN to work for you


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Caledon Ward 1 stretches from Winston Churchill in the west to Airport Road in the east, and Highway 9/ Orangeville Town line in the north to Olde Baseline Road in the south. It does exclude a small block for Ward 3, essentially Caledon East.

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