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      Ian Sinclair . . .

    With capable, qualified, highly experienced, and most importantly,  representative leadership, Caledon can become a well-planned community of green, clean, safe and friendly towns, villages and rural areas, a community respectful of our natural and cultural heritage.

    With your support for Ian, Caledon will become a healthy and stable community that establishes well planned and designed settlements that develop at a rate that  ensures sufficient infrastructure and services, supports thriving business and agricultural communities, protects the environment,and maintains what is positive and unique about Caledon. 

YOU can help Ian achieve these objectives. Please     get involved in positive change.

It's Time ...
Ian believes It's Time for straight and clear responses to constituent concerns. For example when he receives communication from a resident he always responds ...

We leave it to you to evaluate this in comparison to his opponents ...
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   IAN SINCLAIR .. Is one of Caledon's greatest resource assets.

   In numerous issues on behalf of concerned Caledon residents and business people he has put   in many of his valuable hours/time (unpaid); in working tirelessly for the betterment of the environment and the uniqueness of our varying parts of Caledon, representing the cases of MR/MS average person who so often feel that they are often overlooked and neglected by the elected and the bureaucrats in OUR ! Town of Caledon.

   In one specific case relating to concerns by residents and business people in Alton on behalf of them he made representation to the Committee of Adjustment in the Town of Caledon and subsequently to the OMB with regards to a potentially historical and character changing building development in the heart of Alton Village and backing on to Shaws Creek/Credit River.

   Please get out to vote for the Candidate who will best represent YOU !

   Speak soon.

   Philip & Heidi

My partner Tabitha and I have had the very good fortune to work with Ian Sinclair over the past three years. We have been working through the maze that is our government to have our business permit approved.
   For those three years, Ian has attended NEC meeting, court hearing and Town consultations with us. He has provided us excellent guidance along the way.
   His depth of knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations, and why they exist has been an amazing gift to us.
   Ian gives of himself, and his knowledge freely, in what I believe is in the interest of fairness.
   We could not have been successful in the approval of our application without Ian and his guidance.

   Don MacDow
   Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn
   Caledon, Ontario

   The Belfountain Community Organization would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Ian Sinclair for his invaluable expertise and guidance. His depth of knowledge, commitment and patience have contributed immeasurably to our community issues and have been nothing less than extraordinary.    
   We wholly endorse Ian's nomination as Regional Councillor for Ward 1.
    --- Maurica C.

He is an extraordinary man,
    --- Judy M.

Shaun of Inglewood asked September 12, 2018:

1) What is your stance on expansion and residential growth in Caledon? This includes any type of major highway expansion and subdivisions.

Caledon does not need straight residential growth, in general, at a time the industrial-commercial tax base is so low…less than 20%. Compact, high density housing does not pay sufficient taxes to become a benefit to a municipal treasury. High density housing requires high quality public amenities such as parks, trails, recreation facilities as residents have very limited land to carry out their own activities. There is a need for multiple unit housing in Bolton where many three bedroom houses are occupied by two adults whose children have moved out and the parents wish to stay in their community, but in a smaller dwelling. Opportunities for downsizing are limited in Caledon.

The Province via the Growth Plan has been allocating population numbers to Peel and Caledon specifically acting like a “central politburo” dictating targets to be achieved. The large new communities in Mayfield West are the result. Caledon is not out looking for population growth but the Province and development industry are persistent.

By highway expansion I assume you are referring to the “study & stop” GTA West Corridor or 413. This proposed 400 series highway is needed to relieve extreme congestion on 401, particularly freight. If built, the 413 would have a profound influence on urban form and uses in the “Whitebelt” area created by the Greenbelt Plan. Mayor Thompson has been promoting the idea that the “Whitebelt” area, which is south of the Greenbelt Plan boundary down to Mayfield Road, should become a massive freight village composed of 22+ acre warehouses, truck depots, brokerages, etc. Current highway capacity cannot absorb significant increases in heavy vehicles.

Greenfield urban growth of all kinds destroys agricultural land for ever. A knock on impact of residential growth is the incessant and growing need for gravel strip mining to supply sand and gravel for buildings and roads. Agricultural lands are lost to urban growth and then far removed strip mines also ruin farmland forever.

Another impact of urban growth throughout the GTA is the need to dispose of excess construction fill resulting from excavations and site grading. The volume of fill is estimated to equal the volume of the Sky Dome every year. There are a few beneficial places to place fill in Caledon, possibly in a dry gravel strip mine hole or raising a damp field a few metres but there is not capacity for a Sky Dome volume per year.