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Distinguished Citizen of the Year andVeteran Politician Ian Sinclair Enters Municipal Election

Speculation and anticipation are finally over for Caledon residents as highly respected politico Ian Sinclair throws his hat into the nomination ring for Regional Councillor of Ward 1 in the October 2018 Municipal Election.

Absent from the Council table for the last 14 years, Sinclair has none the less been front-line for residents, small business and community associations in Ward 1 on issues as diverse as aggregate initiatives, heritage village preservation, sketchy housing developments, hydrology, ecology and environmental impact
and protection.

With a platinum political passport which spans both directorships and chair of such respected committees as Peel Region’s Audit, Waste Management, and Planning; the Niagara Escarpment Commission; Credit Valley Commission; Toronto Regional Conservation Authority; Greater Toronto Services Board; Credit Valley Conservation Foundation; Humber Watershed Task Force; Caledon’s Environmental Advisory, Aggregate Official Plan and Pesticide Advisory, as well as an advisory role on behalf of the Peel Federation of
Agriculture, Pit Sense and CAMP (Citizens Against Melville Pit).

In his spare time, Ian Sinclair has also been a member of key volunteer committee groups including Caledon Community Services, Belfountain Community Organization (BCO), Inglewood Secondary Plan, Grange Property Steering Committee, former Caledon Rate Payers and Alton Grange associations and the Caledon Recreational Facility Review Committee.

Not surprising, Sinclair received the inaugural Caledon Community Recognition Award as Distinguished Citizen in 2016.

Sinclair’s academic pedigree is equally impressive with a Master’s Degree in Applied Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, specializing in ecology, urban and regional planning, and is one of a very few elected politicians who holds a certificate in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

A resident of Caledon for 43 years, Ian successfully operated his landscape and design sole proprietor business from Caledon, focusing on rural estate design and planning for clients across Caledon and the Headwaters Region.

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Ian answers 8  questions from Caledon Enterprise - The following are intelligent and comprehensive responses submitted by Ian Sinclair, candidate for Ward 1 Regional Councillor in Caledon.

1) Why are you running for Caledon’s council?

Ian: The group dynamics on current Caledon council are unproductive, not reflecting the best interests of Caledon communities. I have extensive municipal experience, knowledge and the professional background to bring an even-handed approach to representation on both Caledon and Peel councils for residents and taxpayers.

2) Can you define and discuss civil service, and what it means to you?

Ian: Decision-making in government is complex and needs to be supported by an expert and politically impartial staff (engineers, planners, accountants, landscape architects and information systems managers) committed to open and traceable decision processes.

In the past, the municipal civil service staff I respected most would answer a question clearly but also say, if there were aspects of the question they could not answer, why, and that they would respond further. No one has all the answers all the time.

3) Speaking to your understanding of local government, do you have any personal critiques of the system, and is there anything you would work to change once in office?

Ian: The council rules of procedure prohibit resident delegations unless there is an item already on the agenda. This means residents are unable to bring issues of importance to council’s attention. Only staff set the agendas. Open resident delegations must be restored.

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