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It's Time!
WARD 1 needs    
Ian Sinclair . . .

Platform in brief ...

1. It’s time … for understandable & accountable Town budgets
    Want to know where your tax money is being spent? Want to have your say about Caledon’s  spending priorities? Elect Ian for Regional Councillor; he will listen and respond.

2. It's time ... to respect & protect our natural environment
     Caledon has boasted about its ‘green’ reputation, but do we deserve it? Make sure we keep this in mind at all times. Whether it’s the Oak Ridges Moraine, the Greenbelt, the Niagara Escarpment, our Agriculture, or our many natural heritage areas, Ian has the background.

3. It’s time … for true citizen-centred political representation
    Are the current Council and staff listening and answering to the people of Caledon? When you ask a question do you get a straight answer? …or do they leave you waiting or confused? Don’t let this happen to you ... choose Ian for Regional Councillor.

4. It’s time … for effective long range planning in Caledon
     Short term thinking has long term consequences. We need a far-sighted Regional Councillor. Ian is that candidate.

5. It’s time … for results-based economic development
    A Regional Councillor should consult openly with the people of his Ward; Collaboratively and clearly define objectives; monitor progress to obtain desired results. Who has the ability to do this? Ian does.

6. It’s time … to clarify and consistently implement Caledon’s aggregate policies
    Aggregates are an important industry in Caledon. Unfortunately they are also an ongoing source of friction as Council and Town staff inconsistently interpret and apply established policies, leading to expensive appeals by citizen’s groups. Clear and open dialogue with all concerned parties to resolve conflicts will be the new approach fostered by Ian.

7. It’s time … to support and enhance our village based Ward
Caledon is a rich assortment of ‘Village’ communities, each with their special character and pride. This richness needs to be nurtured and enhanced. Ian has a deep understanding of the culture and heritage of all the communities of Caledon, especially Ward 1 where he lives.

8. It’s time … to control spending and tax increases.
It’s YOUR money that’s being spent. This fact has too often been forgotten as your elected representatives (there’s that word again) appear disinterested in how YOU want your taxes to be spent. Ian is a goodlistener, and cares how your taxes are spent.

9. It’s time … to establish a clear vision for Ward 1 
     “Citizen values”? “Vision”? What sort of ideas are those? Only by listening to and being engaged with the residents of Caledon can your Regional Councillor develop a vision that resonates with the people who live and do business in Ward 1. Ian possesses the qualities and ability to consult, define and implement such a vision.

10. It’s time … to consider health and lifestyle priorities in land use decisions
       Whether it’s planning residential, recreational, commercial or industrial land uses, the wellness of those people affected must take top priority. If it’s detrimental to people’s health it’s not good for Caledon. Ian will work hard to implement your priorities and keep your concerns uppermost.

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Caledon Ward 1 stretches from Winston Churchill in the west to Airport Road in the east, and Highway 9/ Orangeville Town line in the north to Olde Baseline Road in the south. It does exclude a small block for Ward 3, essentially Caledon East.

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