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Political Representation in Caledon

Your Mayor and Councillors often make controversial decisions about major land uses and developments which have the potential to affect their constituents' health, safety, normal use & enjoyment of their lands, their property values, etc.. Therefore it is essential to understand what is the nature and scope of an elected municipal representative’s responsibilities to their constituents.

One Caledon Councillor has made the statement: "Councillors have their own set of demands placed upon them by both government decrees and public expectations.”

Numerous questions arise from statements such as this. What are the views and expectations of constituents? How are they communicated to the Mayor and Councillors? What does ‘political representation’ really mean? Which "government decrees" or "government rules" are applicable? How accessible are your elected officials? How clearly are the ‘rules’ understood?

For example there is the Municipal Act, the Planning Act, and the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS), which set out roles, processes and policy guidelines, but ... which specific sections of these complex Acts apply? Further, these Acts are not tight straightjackets but rather allow for discretion and flexibility to suit different communities and circumstances.

Bottom line - a clear and competent understanding of the relevant Regional and Provincial ‘rules’ is crucial.

I am very familiar with the legislation and policies at all levels - Municipal, Regional and Provincial. As your Regional Councillor I would ensure that the relevant ‘rules’ were well understood by other Councillors and staff in the Town and at the Region of Peel, and accurately interpreted and applied. Further, I would advocate for revision of any policies that were outdated, vague, confusing, contradictory, or contrary to the interests of the citizens of Caledon.

When I am your Regional Councillor, the views of all stakeholders, including everyday citizens, will be sought out, and carefully considered, in an open and transparent and non-threatening manner. Sadly, some Public Information Meetings have been conducted under threat of police action against residents, all responses were only to questions from the proponent, and councillors made no statements. Local residents’ concerns with their health, safety and property values were rebuffed. This is unacceptable political representation.

We no longer need to be shackled by outdated and poorly understood ‘rules’ that are misused as an excuse to ignore the wishes of Caledon residents and businesses. I have been around Caledon for long enough, active both inside and outside Municipal government, to know the problems, and the solutions, for a healthy and prosperous future.

I am asking for your support so I can go to work FOR you.

Compare the record and policies of the other candidates before you vote!


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