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Recycled Aggregate Policy

The use of recycled aggregate materials obtained from demolition debris should be encouraged. 

However, due to a recent change to the Provincial Policy Statement that encourages processing potentially toxic debris in pits, there is an urgent need to carefully consider dangerous 'side effects' that may occur. In order to safely and economically recover usable materials, several important factors must be considered before contemplating increased reprocessing of demolition materials in strip mines close to our clean ground water aquifers and other sensitive land uses.

1. Appropriate Zoning - Currently there is insufficient consideration given by our Council to where these activities should occur. I believe these industrial activities meet the Ministry of Environment (MOE) definition of Class 3 Industrial operations and should be situated in an appropriately zoned industrial area and subject to MOE guidelines regarding setbacks from sensitive land uses and far from our precious ground water.

2. Effective Monitoring - Pits and quarries are subject to self-monitoring and annual compliance self-reporting to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The MNR does not have the personnel nor the capability to effectively monitor the diverse materials obtained from demolition of infrastructure and buildings. Furthermore, pits and quarries are exempt from Ministry of Environment (MOE) scrutiny and are often situated in close proximity or below groundwater resources that rural communities depend upon.

3. Cumulative Impacts - Open pit mining has the potential to cause serious harm to water and air quality. Regular air and water quality studies must be done in Caledon, especially in Ward 1, to determine contamination levels and trace the sources. Cumulative effects must be determined.

4. Transportation of Materials - The proposed construction of strategic goods movement networks through Ward 1 will change the heavy goods traffic patterns in Caledon and make conditions in Ward 1 even more problematic. The harmful effects of increased haulage of demolition materials into and out of Ward 1 must be carefully considered.

5. Proper Industrial Categorization - Caledon has insisted in the past that new ready-mix and asphalt plants be zoned industrial as they are not accessory to aggregate strip mining. Recycled aggregate storage and processing are also not accessory to aggregate strip mining. Aggregate recycling activity currently takes place in industrially zoned lands throughout the GTA. Similar conditions should pertain in Ward 1 Caledon.

6. Tax Categorization - Aggregate recycling storage and processing must be zoned industrial in each pit that incorporates recycling and assessed at the appropriate industrial tax rate. Having recycling activity piggy-backed on the already low assessment rates for strip mines is unfair to other recycling industries located in industrial areas, and shifts tax burdens onto residential properties across Caledon.

7. Provincial Policy Statement - new provisions in the 2014 PPS promote 'recycling …where feasible'. Our municipality may not be able to prohibit aggregate recycling in aggregate strip mines outright but must restrict the location, type and amount of recycling. In Caledon's case, asphalt, contaminated debris, slag, or any other product likely to leach toxins into either the air or water must be prohibited under a zoning by-law on the grounds there is no alternative for potable water sources. The general health of our residents and environment must be protected. It is up to your elected representatives to ensure this.

8. Haul Route Traffic - Heavy trucks used for transporting aggregates causes premature damage to our roads, with costs inevitably paid by municipal taxpayers. As your local and regional representative I will advocate for fair compensation for damages caused.

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