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On this page you will find more examples of Ian's responses to  questions about a variety of issues. When you read these you will learn a bit about the care and attention he will give to your concerns when he becomes your Regional Councillor.

You can have a say in the future of Ward 1.

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Economic Development
An important aspect of an active arts community in any town is secondary economic development. Employees don’t just want a job with a good salary but also a great community in which to live. Caledon has the most attractive landscapes in the GTA and extensive sports (hockey, soccer, equestrian, and cycling) but is weak on the arts scene. An active and varied live performance venue could become a positive addition to our economic development program.

Municipal Cultural Master Plan
The ideas noted above could be further developed as part of a Caledon Cultural Master Plan as recommended by the Arts Advisory Committee.

We need a representative with VISION who will advocate for Ward 1 at the Municipal, Regional, and Provincial levels.

Q: - Which candidate would have experience when it comes to stopping initiatives of any kind which could impact the health of the citizens of Caledon?

A: - I have experience on Council chairing complex planning policy and new by-laws through from initial thoughts to adoption [OPA 161 gravel & Pesticides By-law]. It took a lot of patient listening, research and cajoling among stakeholders and council members over years to accomplish these changes.