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call us 647-542-5624
Ian wants
to know what
your priorities

 Ian's dialogue
 with the citizens
of Caledon has
been going on for
years, and won't
stop after
election day.
WARD 1 needs   
Ian Sinclair . . .

It's Time!
Please contact Ian's campaign team
at this email address: SinclairCaledon@gmail.com
or phone: 647-542-5624
It's Time ... for a Regional Councillor who will LISTEN to constituents !

You can help Ian implement a coherent VISION for a Ward 1 that respects our traditional ways while building a future for Caledon that we can all support.
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Make Cheques to:
Campaign of Ian Sinclair
c/o 16795 McLaughlin Road
Caledon ON L7K 1T5